The word medicine in English letters (transliteration) - meditsina

Somatic diseases (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, smoking, obesity) can also interfere with a normal erection. There is a difference between the psychological form of erectile dysfunction and the organic form. With a weak erection caused by organic reasons, the attraction to the sexual partner remains, night and morning erections, ejaculation occurs without deviations, but an erection during sex may disappear or not appear.

If the problem is psychological, then erectile dysfunction may occur suddenly, while sexual craving for a sexual partner disappears, and night and morning erections persist.

If a man periodically has an erectile dysfunction and he is sure that the reason is purely psychological, then he can try to eliminate it on his own. First of all, try to establish relationships with your partner and give up bad habits. If the erection is still weak and no positive changes are observed, then it is necessary to undergo an examination.

Since the problem of erectile dysfunction requires an integrated approach

Doppler and ultrasound examination of arterial and venous vessels of the genitals and pelvic organs. Laboratory microscopic examinations of the secretion of the prostate gland and blood with the obligatory determination of the level of hormones and sugar. Testing with drugs that induce an artificial erection to determine vascular disorders. Testing based on the hardware method to determine the rigidity (firmness, elasticity) of the penis.

The examination of the patient is carried out using special medical equipment, which helps to identify various abnormalities, defects of the penis, etc. Only a comprehensive and comprehensive andrological examinationFood allows the urologist to make an accurate diagnosis for the patient, prescribe the necessary therapeutic treatment and track its positive dynamics.

After a thorough diagnosis and clarification of the causes of erectile dysfunction, the urologist prescribes a specific method of treatment. Depending on the diagnosis and its severity, the doctor may prescribe psychotherapeutic treatment, physiotherapy (prostate massage, negative pressure treatment), medication or surgery. The conservative method is treatment based on an invasive and non-invasive method. In these cases, drugs are prescribed, the dosage of which is selected specifically for the patient based on the characteristics of his physiology, age, etc.