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Find the best team management software list by narrowing your choice to improve your business’ performance, team’s productivity and work quality. Browse through several categories to make the selection process easier.

How to Choose the Best Team Management Software?

The challenges can come up anytime while managing remote teams, tasks and projects. So the right team management software empowers team members, increases productivity, boosts team success and encourages team collaboration. These tools consist of project management tools, collaboration platforms, remote working tools and they all serve the same purpose which is to increase productivity.

While team management software helps teams tracking projects, these also help ease the way the team communicates and collaborates. Once the workflow between team members sets up perfectly, success will be inevitable. Not only team management software offers an effective management system but they also offer specific solutions like Gantt charts, Kanban boards and calendars. These visual project management solutions can take your complex projects to the next level.

A great team management software should eliminate the complexity of the team’s daily tasks and the project’s to-dos. So the team manager can focus on other essential tasks. Whether you are a manager or a team member, the management software lets you create various team or custom workspaces and personal or general to-do lists to manage projects. It can easily be seen who is working on what, once they assign tasks on their workspaces. This allows everyone in the workspace to track projects and tasks in real-time.

Team management software also lets you assign due time for each team project. So, team members can work in order. Although management software comes with different types of features that each serves different needs, no doubt there are some specific requirements as well. One of them may be the time tracking feature as management tools offer as an integration rather than a feature. If you are a small business and on a tight budget, this would be a must-have for you.

Key Criteria to Evaluate Team Management Software



Communication constitutes one of the most crucial elements of team management. The need for streamlined communication is becoming crucial by the day across the team and the clients and stakeholders. A built-in messaging app allows the team members to quickly communicate with each other without having to browse through a pile of emails.

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Task Management

This feature lists all the tasks to be accomplished and assigned to each team member. It allows you to focus on greater priorities and set deadlines to know what needs to be done and by whom. Most team management software notify the responsible team member regarding the approaching deadline to ensure that all tasks are finished on time.


Scheduling and Planning

A small project may be easy to manage with a list of tasks on a spreadsheet. However, things may get out of hand when it comes to handling a large project (for example, launching a new website) if you cannot visualize your timeline and understand how the different timelines and dependencies have an impact on each other. A Gantt chart allows you to visualize your task list and project schedules.



As a team manager, you need to keep an eye on the team's performance. Reporting tools, previously inserted project data, automatically create project budgets, expenses, resource allocation, individual member performance, and much more. Several team management software comprise a predefined set of reports to generate, while others include customized reporting. Selecting a tool with advanced reporting features is the safest option.



A high-level view of project statuses through a team dashboard allows everyone in the team to remain updated with graphs, charts, visual metrics, and key performance indicators. These graphic reports are useful in communicating the project's status to stakeholders and sponsors who may not wish to read the details in a written report.

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