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Browse through several sales tool categories including CRM, online payment, sales automation, and cloud-based accounting software and find the one that best fits your business and Digital Marketing Agency.

How to Choose the Best Sales Tools?

Best sales tools help companies increase revenue and go beyond their global competitors. Those tools are essentially software-based solutions for your team with the advantages of saving time and maintaining better after-sale customer relationships.


Sales systems enable you to increase productivity by providing you with the time to pay attention to more challenging tasks. If you automate most of your essential tasks performed regularly with the sales tools, you will have more time to go further with other pressing tasks. Before moving on, there are a few points to touch on;


What is sales management software?

Sales Management Software, in other words, Sales CRM, offers several functionalities to manage and automate the sales process which includes sales pipeline management, sales strategy implementation and sales operation coordination. These software help lead management, contact management, opportunity management, analytics, and integrations.

What are the 5 steps of sales?

These steps can consist of prospecting, making contact, qualifying & nurturing your lead, demonstrating value and closing the deals & follow-ups.


Although it can be challenging for small businesses and agencies to get organized and generate revenue, sales tools, including CRM and automation tools can help them fix their sales process and gain visibility in the marketplace. Sales software gives you a clear representation of your sales process and provides optimized performance to your team.


In light of the innovations that have been made in the Artificial Intelligence field recently can be also embedded in any Sales Automation tool for boosting their productivity. It can be one of the top features to look at when choosing innovative sales tools.


Key Criteria to Evaluate Sales Tools


Pricing Policy

Almost all sales tools let you try before you buy so that you can see if it is worth paying. Sometimes there can be more advanced features than you need. You can look for other tools in the market that offer fewer features with more affordable prices. Although you cannot experience all the unique features the tool has in the free trial, you still have an opinion on what works for you. You should keep in mind that prices can vary depending upon the number of users.



A great sales tool should offer some main benefits to put you ahead of the competition. The benefits you get from the platform will be different as every business has its own unique needs. It is always better to have a look at the pros and cons of the sales tool just before choosing the one that maximizes your sales productivity. In order to reach that goal, the software should contain customer relations management, sales automation, sales analytics, customer data management and great customer support.



To increase the efficiency of the platform, it is recommended to integrate with other tools. This would help you streamline the sales process. When sales and marketing intelligence come together with some integrations that include marketing automations, analytics, reporting, lead prospecting will boost up your sales. There is another point worth mentioning that more advanced integrations might cause little confusion, especially for small businesses. So determining the useful integration in advance can prevent the complexity.



As you import your all business data to the sales tool, you expect the platform has to be 100% accountable. You may want to ensure everything used by the sales software is transparent and is measuring the right activities securely. It would be better to have a look at both satisfied and unsatisfied customer’s opinions around the internet, how long the software has been serving the industry or how its maintenance is. These all would help you determine the software effectiveness and efficiency.


Customer Services

All sales-related issues can cause lots of problems at any time. Being aware of this possibility in the first place will make your choosing more accurate. After checking on several sales tools, the tool that has the fastest and most efficient solutions will take first place on the list. Although most preferred sales tools offer email and live chat support, some offer inbound calling lines too to their pro users. If you are a multi-lingual team, having a contact person who speaks different languages would be great.

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