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Best Web Accessibility Tools

Web Accessibility Tools help businesses of all sizes deliver accessible content to all visitors. We’ve compiled a list of the best Web Accessibility Tools required for your website to comply with accessibility regulations.

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  • purple-lens-web-accessibility-tools

    Purple Lens

    We seek to improve the community of the disabled people the day-to-day basic task.

  • recite-me-web-accessibility-tool

    Recite Me

    Recite Me is a cloud-based web accessibility assistive toolbar solution that allows website visitors to customise a site in a way that works best for them.

  • pope-tech-web-accessibility-tool

    Pope Tech

    Pope Tech lets you deploy the power of WAVE across an entire organization, quickly scan your site revealing accessibility errors, alerts, features, and more.

  • equally-ai-web-accessibility-tool provides services for people with disabilities while providing a simple, beautiful and revolutionary automated compliance software designed to help businesses ensure ADA & WCAG compliance.

  • equalweb-web-accessibility-tool


    EqualWeb is a world leader and a pioneer in web accessibility and they are focused on helping people with disabilities to access digital information.

  • dyno-mapper-web-accessibility-tool

    DYNO Mapper

    DYNO Mapper scans an entire website for WCAG / Section 508 compliance. It identifies known errors in web design and content for ADA Website Compliance.

  • remediate-web-accessibility-tool provides automated digital accessibility testing for websites, online applications, and PDFs using strict adherence to WCAG standards across all conformance levels.

  • sitemorse-web-accessibility-tool


    Sitemorse replaces sporadic, manual content assessment with cloud-based automation whilst simultaneously increasing agility, improving optimisation and reducing risk.

  • level-access-web-accessibility-tool

    Level Access

    Level Access has provided technology accessibility compliance solutions for corporations, government agencies and leading educational institutions.

  • audioeye-web-accessibility-tool


    Transforming how the world experiences digital content, AudioEye solves issues of accessibility and enhances the user experience for the broadest audience possible.

  • userway-web-accessibility-tool


    UserWay creates advanced website accessibility solutions that help ensure ADA compliance without refactoring your website's existing code.

  • monsido-web-accessibility-tool


    Monsido is a leading web governance solution designed to enable organizations to deliver a superior and inclusive user experience across their digital presence and support their journey.

  • essential-accessibility-web-accessibility-tool

    eSSENTIAL Accessibility

    eSSENTIAL Accessibility is an all-in-one digital accessibility solution, helping companies make their digital content accessible for individuals with disabilities and compliant with global mandates.

  • silktide-seo-tool


    Silktide gives you everything you need to make your website better, with automated accessibility testing and content optimization. They cover almost every aspect of your web presence, including content, accessibility, marketing, mobile, and speed.

  • webroot-cybersecurity-software


    Webroot harnesses the cloud and machine learning to reliably predict and protect against cyberattacks in real-time. Webroot secures businesses and consumers worldwide with endpoint and network protection, security awareness training and threat intelligence services.

  • wix-website-builder-software

    Wix is the industry-leading website development platform serving thousands of agencies worldwide. The full suite of powerful tools and solutions gives your team the freedom to create sites exactly the way clients want.

  • siteimprove-seo-tool


    Siteimprove offers the world's most comprehensive cloud-based Digital Presence Optimization (DPO) software. The Siteimprove Intelligence Platform empowers you and your team to create higher quality content, drive better traffic, measure digital performance.

How to Use Web Accessibility Tools?

Making your website accessible for everyone is the right thing to do in today’s world. Although 18.7% of the U.S. population live with disabilities, the majority of websites still lack accessibility features. At this point, you should think of getting help from the best web accessibility tools for disabled people.


People with disabilities need to use supportive technologies to access websites. A proper website has to be accessible to every visitor. In some cases, for example, colour blindness, the assistive technology itself may not be enough to meet their needs. So, while creating and designing websites or web applications, it is important to check if it is compatible with the accessibility guidelines. The web accessibility checker tools can do it for you.


What Is Web Accessibility?


Web accessibility refers to web pages, tools, online services and technologies that are specifically designed for people with disabilities to use. Before building web pages, it would be better to have a look at the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 which is the current standard from the W3C.


Web accessibility evaluation tools address all disabilities that encounter difficulties while accessing the websites such as auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech and visual. These evaluation tools provide feedback on how accessible your website is and help how to improve the overall accessibility of your website. By doing that, the web accessibility evaluation must abide the accessibility guideline WCAG.


Once you have the best website accessibility tool, you can provide an excellent experience to all your users. Luckily, the market covers numerous solutions to unique needs and every budget. Rather than using web accessibility testing tools online, you may still find desktop-based solutions as well. In addition to the paid solutions, it is possible to find out free web accessibility tools.


Below, let’s have a look at what benefits you will get once you start using accessibility tools for disabled users that optimize your web content.

6 Ways to Make Your Website Accessible for Everyone


Add Images with Alt Text

Screen readers, one of the powerful assistive technologies, are a great way to read the text on the screen using a synthesizer or Braille display. Although these technologies are currently not available for reading images, they can read alt texts.


Enlarge Font Sizes

Some people may be dealing with low vision difficulty. So, they may need to get a specific font type to see better. During your website building process, you can get help from web accessibility testing tools to make sure that you provide easily readable web pages.


Pay Attention to Colour Contrast

Colour and contrast are two important factors that come after the font sizes. You should avoid using similar colour combinations that are hard to read. Designing high contrast web pages from the foreground to the background help people with disabilities to understand better.


Add Video & Audio

Audio descriptions and videos are created for blinds, deaf or partially-sighted people to help them understand images, gestures and more. Synchronized text captions can also be provided by web accessibility tools.


Add Keyboard Navigation

Keyboard navigation is vital for blind people and also people who have visual disabilities. It guides them through accessing the websites they wish for. While blinds use Braille keyboards, others use keyboard navigation to access the elements of your website.


Use Descriptive URLs

If the website has high readability URLs, it makes it easier for people with disabilities to access the right content. So, screen readers can easily understand the URLs as against dealing with the low readability URLs.

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